4 Iconic Chilliwack Views You Don’t Want to Miss

23 September 2022General

Chilliwack has some of the most scenic views around. Whether you’re looking for stunning valley views, the best place to watch a sunset, or where to catch the best glimpse of Chilliwack’s iconic mountains, we got you! Follow along for four of our favourite iconic viewpoints you can only find in Chilliwack. 


Island 22 Regional Park 

Overlooking the Fraser River, this is one of our top places to watch a sunset! With a boat launch, equestrian area, off-leash dog park, bike skills park, and trails winding around the park, this park is a perfect place to soak in the beautiful sights of Chilliwack. Included with beach access, this place is perfect to sit back and relax, and soak in the sights and sounds of the Fraser River. 

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Hillkeep Regional Park 

Located on the top of Chilliwack Mountain, this park offers easy and kid-friendly scenic trails leading to an observation deck overlooking the Fraser Valley from the south side of Chilliwack, and another that meanders through lush meadows. 

Vedder River Rotary Trail South 

If you love the Rotary Trail, check out the trail on the other side of the river! With a new perspective of the well-loved Rotary Trail, the South Dyke Trail will take you all the way to Yarrow! This trail shows scenic river views with a beautiful mountain backdrop, and is a perfect place to explore on foot or bike! 

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Cheam Lake Wetlands 

This park is a popular area for birdwatching, picnics, short walks, and family outings and is set amongst the scenic backdrop of Mount Cheam, just east of Chilliwack. With a few trails that meander through the park with floating bridges and an observation deck, this place offers a serene landscape. Walk along the lake, and witness unforgettable moments in nature with the iconic Mount Cheam towering in the background. 

The views don’t stop there! Check out more Chilliwack views below.

Where is your favourite scenic view in Chilliwack? Make sure to tag us and #ShareChilliwack in all of your adventures!

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