7 Ice Cream Flavours You Don’t Want to Miss Out On This Summer in Chilliwack, BC

26 August 2022General

A summer adventure isn’t complete without ice cream, at least that’s what we think! Luckily, Chilliwack is full of Ice Cream Shops, with some of the most delicious and unique flavours around. Hear it from the locals themselves, with these fan favourite ice cream flavours offered right here in Chilliwack! 

Sharkbite at Kent’s Ice Cream Co.

47582 Yale Road & 4121 Columbia Valley Highway, Cultus Lake

Arguably one of the most fun ice creams at Kent’s, this flavour is scary good! Shark Bite combines their classic vanilla bean ice cream with raspberry swirls. Wondering what makes the ice cream blue? Us too! The staff at Kent’s say they never scoop and tell. 

*hot tip* make sure to order a freshly made waffle cone dipped in chocolate with sprinkles for even more fun!

Blueberry Cheesecake at Klaassen Farms

51211 Chilliwack Central Road

This delicious flavour is made with their own fresh blueberries and supplied with fresh cheesecake from a local bakery, Decades. Churned by a local Fraser Valley favourite – Birchwood dairy, this blueberry ice cream is decadent and rich, at the same time being light and fruity. It’s definitely a must while visiting the area!

Passionfruit Gelato with Strawberry at Cafe Vanilla

4125 Columbia Valley Road

Located in Cultus Lake, this super light yet creamy gelato combo is not only refreshing, tropical tasting but also dairy-free, and perfect for those who are looking for something fun and fruity after a day at the beach.

Maui Sunset at Huis Shave Ice

4126 Columbia Valley Road

Looking just like its name, this colourful concoction includes pineapple, mango, and cherry flavours! For extra fun, add a “Pearl” (a scoop of ice cream underneath) and a “Snow Cap” (drizzle of sweetened condensed milk”) as recommended by the staff!  Don’t forget to snap a pic at this insta-worthy location as well!

All Canadian Moose at Mighty Moose Ice Cream

42333 Yarrow Central Road

This flavour is one of the most popular among locals and staff members. Made for chocolate and peanut butter lovers, All Canadian Moose includes a chocolate and vanilla ice cream swirl, mixed with peanut butter cups! The best part? This flavour is available all season long from May to September, and tastes delicious in a freshly made waffle cone!

Blackberry Chevre & Lemon Curd at Banter Ice Cream 

45530 Vedder Mountain Road

This new location in Chilliwack is located right by the Vedder River and is the perfect stop after an adventure in the Chilliwack River Valley. Not only is the smell of freshly made waffle cones enough to put you in a trance when you walk in, but their ice cream is also incredibly delicious!

The Blackberry Chevre is a seasonal flavour (so get it while you can!!) and is made with goat cheese for extra creaminess while the blackberries add a fruity and light flavour. The Lemon Curd is also a must! This year-round flavour is a staple as it’s super refreshing while being sweet, creamy, and just a touch of tart.

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