About Tourism Chilliwack

Our vision, the purpose for which Tourism Chilliwack exists, that we are committed to continually striving towards is: “To create a WOW destination”

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Strategic Plan 2022 – 2027

CHWK Strategic Plan

Current Staff

Allison Colthorp – Executive Director
Ana Macedo – Business Development Manager & Heritage Park Manager
Jewel Hand – Destination Marketing Manager
Teresa Irwin – Visitor Services Manager
Julie Rowley – Accountant

The Organization

Tourism Chilliwack was established in 1998 as part of the Chilliwack Economic Partners Corporation (CEPCO). The organization was created to forge a partnership between the City of Chilliwack and the tourism industry, to promote growth and diversification and to increase the economic impact of tourism.  In 2006, Tourism Chilliwack became incorporated, with the City of Chilliwack as its sole shareholder.  We are a non-traditional Destination Marketing Organization (DMO), which has a business function but also conforms to governance policies and undertakes strategic planning.

Chilliwack Heritage Park

Tourism Chilliwack proudly operates Chilliwack Heritage Park a 65-acre park that boasts a 150,000 square foot building. Heritage Park can accommodate a whole host of events from trade shows and conventions, concerts, dog shows, horse shows, Arena Cross Events, ABA BMX Bike Grand Nationals, Kart Racing, local club events and more! Heritage Park is located directly behind the visitor centre and is ideally and conveniently located just off the Trans-Canada Highway at exit 116.