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A Person hikes up a snow covered mountain

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Chilliwack has lots of winter activities to enjoy, so we’ve compiled a list of just a few fun winter pastimes. Whether you prefer the warmth inside, or the brisk air outside, there’s always something to do in Chilliwack!

WINTER WONDER | Snowshoeing

Three people use snowshoes to trek up a snow covered mountain

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For the outdoor enthusiasts, snowshoeing lets you experience the natural beauty surrounding Chilliwack. The fairly popular Elk Mountain Trail boasts beautiful views of Chilliwack and the Chilliwack River Valley and is a challenging 7km return trip. Mt. Laughington is a more moderate, and less popular snowshoe trail to explore. The 11km roundtrip route has spectacular views all along the way.

VALLEY VENTURES | Winter Fishing

A man stands as the side of a river in the winter while holding a fishing rod

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If you love to fish, then you know there’s no need to take the winter off! If you’re willing to brave the cold to catch one, the Chilliwack River is the most productive steelhead stream in the Lower Mainland!  The Chilliwack/Vedder River is quite a popular fishing location due to relatively easy access, and hatchery enhanced returns of certain salmon species.

The best Cutthroat Trout fishing in the Fraser River happens from late fall into winter, so this is a great time to get out and enjoy the peace of the river, and hopefully take home some dinner! Because many lakes in B.C. are part of stocking programs, Rainbow Trout is available in certain lakes as well. If you’re looking for a guided tour, be sure to check out one of the many great fishing companies around Chilliwack here.

LOCAL LIVING | Hockey Night!

Five players from the Chilliwack chiefs stand on the ice in uniform

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Going to a Junior A Chilliwack Chiefs’ game is a fun experience that not only hockey lovers can enjoy, but the whole family! The action-packed games are an exciting, affordable way to spend the night with friends or family. Keep in mind that there is paid parking at Prospera Centre, but there are many unpaid parking spots in the surrounding area, if you don’t mind a little walk. Check out the Chilliwack Chiefs for game times, and ticket info.

FOOD FINDS | Coffee Houses

A hand holds a cup of coffee

Credits: Decades Coffee Club on Facebook

Is the cold getting you down? We’re here to help you warm up at some of our favorite cafes!

The Yellow Deli, located on Yale Road in downtown Chilliwack, offers organic juices and smoothies, as well as hot ciders and teas. The food is home-made, and the atmosphere takes you back to a simpler time.

Downtown on Wellington Avenue, Decades Coffee Club boasts delicious house-made treats, with gluten friendly, dairy-free, vegan, and keto options available. They offer teas, and specialty coffee drinks, using fresh and local ingredients.

Towards Cultus Lake, the Cultus Café is located on Columbia Valley Highway. They offer great food, teas, specialty coffee drinks featuring fair trade coffee, and are licensed. In the area as well, Café Vanilla offers gourmet teas, specialty coffee drinks, and is also located on Columbia Valley Highway. For the dedicated ice cream lovers out there, Café Vanilla also offers a minimum of 24 different gelato flavours!

For the music lovers out there, Tractorgrease is the perfect place to warm up with some coffee or tea and enjoy the great tunes. This café is located on Chilliwack River Road and is unique in that it brings in touring musicians regularly, so be sure to check out Tractorgrease to see which artists are upcoming!

On Young Road north, at Minter Gardens, Cultivate Café offers freshly made soups, sandwiches, specialty coffee drinks, and teas. Did we miss your favorite spot to pop in, and warm up? Let us know!

FARM FRESH | Craft Beer & Local Wines

Samples are arranged at old Yale brewing

Credits: Old Yale Brewing on Facebook

For the beer and wine lovers, the options in Chilliwack are growing each year. Old Yale Brewing has been around longer than most in the area, and they offer light snacks in their tasting room, where you can order full size beers, beer cocktails, or try out a few samples.

The Whispering Horse Winery is located in Yarrow, B.C. This family-owned winery focuses on sustainable practices to protect the environment, so this is truly guilt-free wine! Tastings here are by appointment only.

WINTER WONDER | Christmas Lights at Cultus Lake

A couple walks walks through the Cultus lake Christmas lights

Credits: crysthiefun on Instagram

The Christmas lights along the Cultus Lake main beach are sure to put anyone in the holiday spirit! The dazzling lights reflecting off of the lake is truly something magical to behold, and well worth the short 20-minute drive from downtown Chilliwack.

These were just a few of our favorite winter essentials in Chilliwack, let us know if we missed a 

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