Do Your Part – Protecting This Gift

22 July 2022General

Together we understand that this environmental endowment is a gift. At every point of contact, we leave a lasting impression that will resound for generations to come. We must protect our wildlife and lands, and learn how to leave the outdoors unchanged by our presence. 

Do Your Part

Become a protector of this invaluable gift we call our home. Here are some simple steps you can take to do your part in protecting this gift:

Be prepared. Know before you go, by planning ahead and doing your research before exploring a new area. 

Be respectful of the land. Make sure to tread lightly, and pack out everything you pack in. Keeping the outdoors clean ensures they stay intact for all users to come.

Be safe. Following proper outdoor etiquette will help our wilderness continue to thrive. Keep your distance from wildlife, be FireSmart and check for fire bans in the area, and make sure you are properly equipped with the correct safety gear.

Don’t Be Trashy 

That’s right… you read that correctly! Don’t be one of those people, pack in all of the fun, but make sure to pack out all of the garbage. Packing in & out is one of the most crucial things we can do to keep nature preserved. Let’s keep it clean, and leave the outdoors unchanged from our presence. 

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