february, 2020

12febAll Day21marVantage Points(All Day) Chilliwack Cultural Centre, 9201 Corbould St

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Painters Pierre Tremblay and Sandra Wiens present two different approaches to traditional subjects.

Pierre Tremblay’s lifestyle and travels have become a great source of inspiration. Often, during time spent away from home, he finds himself capturing spontaneous images or situations that will later become subjects for his artwork. In the studio, the intention is to capitalize on the imagery, using it to initiate the painting process. This series of paintings focuses on the delicate balance between the snapshot and application of paint. This approach enables him to develop a style where space and shape gain in importance, allowing surprises to happen through the process of painting. The relationship between the original photographic composition and the final painting remains interconnected. However, what becomes more important is the way the artist layers colours and patterns in a dynamic, personal, full of life interpretation.

Sandra Wien’s goal is not to represent a specific place visited, but to examine human-constructed ideas of what a “good” landscape is. These are not landscapes that we live with daily, but are ideas of beauty that exist only in our minds such as: the peaceful valley, the unscale-able peak, serene waters and stormy skies. It is not lost on her that historically our desire to hang landscapes in our homes has coincided with political and cultural change and that our present interest in landscape painting exists at a time when our environment is under pressure. With this in the back of her mind, she plays with how much she can pull apart, leave out and pile on top of a composition before an image disintegrates into meaningless chaos.

Admission is FREE

Opening Reception is on February 15 from 1:00 to 3:00pm

For tickets more information please visit chilliwackculturalcentre.ca/event/vantage-points


February 12 (Wednesday) - March 21 (Saturday)


Chilliwack Cultural Centre

9201 Corbould St