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The magnetic field is changing and it’s pointing east! With summer just around the corner, we’ve come up with a list of our five favourite hikes and trails in Chilliwack for you, your friends and family to enjoy. Whether you’re an avid hiker or simply want to get outside to enjoy the fresh air, Chilliwack is the perfect place to get outdoors and explore the great outside.

Need more hiking ideas? Our new 2019 Chilliwack Hiking Guide is now available with trails and outdoor adventures for everyone to enjoy. You can download the new guide here

1 .Lindeman AND Greendrop LAKES

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 Lindeman LakeGreendrop Lake
Elevation Gain215m365m

The ‘crown jewel’ of Sxótsaqel Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park, this trail is family friendly. BC Parks recently upgraded some portions of the trail and installed a new toilet building. Please pack out what you pack in! After reaching Lindeman Lake the trail follows its shore to the far end, crossing some talus (big rock) slopes along the way. Continue beyond the Lindeman Lake to Greendrop. Greendrop Lake is worth the visit, however Lindeman lake is undoubtably why the crowds come.


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Elevation Gain1,400m1,630m

Elk-Thurston Trail is a 2WD accessible trailhead with breathtaking views of the Fraser Valley all the way to the ocean. Experience alpine meadows on one of Chilliwack’s most popular hikes. Continue along the ridge to enjoy the best alpine traverse in the area. This trail also connects to the Gloria Lookout via Mt. Thurston. See our hiking guide for directions.

3. Slesse Memorial

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 To the PlaqueTo the Propeller Cairn
Elevation Gain460m920m

On December 9, 1956, TCA Flight # 810 flying from Vancouver to Calgary crashed into the side of Mt. Slesse, killing all 62 passengers on board. A plaque was built in 1995, and the area was declared Commemorative Site. If reaching the plaque isn’t rewarding enough, the neighbouring mountain views will certainly blow you away!

4. Community Forest

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 PitxelCholqthetCanyon LoopBroken Tree
Elevation Gain67m122m60m160m

Chilliwack Community Forest is a multi-use trail system for hiking, biking and running. This trail consists of several loops “Pitxel” (Peet-hyul) a beginner level trail loop, Cholqthet a moderate trail loop, the Canyon Loop, as well as a small loop at the top referred to as “Broken Tree.” Additional trails are always being added through this beautiful old forest. The Broken Tree trail features interpretive signage and resting benches at scenic viewpoints and is less than 5% average grade. The Community Forest is great for families and kids.


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 Cheam Lake Wetlands
Elevation GainFlat

Flat trails in and around these wetlands make it easy for all to enjoy. Boardwalks and trails give proximity to sensitive habitat with an abundance of wildlife species including 184 different bird species. The trails are divided into three sections, with the two longest loops being 1km each. Bikes and dogs are not permitted on the trails.

For more ideas and information on hiking in Chilliwack download our Hiking Guide to learn more about trails and outdoor adventures in Chilliwack.

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