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Flowers are truly, and wonderfully beautiful. But, not just in the traditional way that we might think. Their beauty runs deeper – much deeper. Flowers give us a chance to connect, to learn, to grow and to give.

They’re given as a token of happiness, and a token of sorrow. They can mean “congratulations!”, or “I’m sorry”. They speak for us, they move us, they build community, and they spread joy.

In Chilliwack, there’s one flower farmer who turned her love for flowers into a love for her community, and the connectivity flowers can bring us.


Meet Grace: Owner of Moore Blooms Dahlia Farm, and maker of flowers.

Years ago, Grace lived in the Philippines – and, while that was her home, she was ready to move on and grow. So, she picked up and left for Singapore. Singapore promised new experiences, which turned out to be true as Grace experienced both good and difficult times. After two years, Grace decided that Singapore wasn’t for her – so she applied to become a caregiver in Canada.

When Grace arrived in Canada, she met her husband, Bill. Bill and Grace got married, had their daughter Anayah, and created a wonderful life and home in Chilliwack.

Initially, Bill’s Dad, Larry, used the land to grow Dahlia’s, with the purpose of collecting the Tubers and selling them for the Fraser Valley Dahlia Society.

(Psst! For those of you who don’t know what a Tuber is, it’s an enlarged structure at the base of the flower stem that provides energy and nutrients for regrowth during the next growing season).

As time went on, Larry continued to grow and harvest Dahlia tubers, and Grace started to give away the flower stems. When dropping some bouquets off to friends one day, they suggested that she consider putting a roadside stand out on her driveway for people to stop by and pick up Dahlia’s for a few dollars. Grace took the advice of her friends and set up that little roadside stand – and before she knew it, she was planting more and more flowers to keep up with the number of customers stopping by her stand every day.

Larry and the executive of the Fraser Valley Dahlia Society eventually taught Grace all of their tricks of the trade. Today, Grace runs a very tight ship when it comes to her flowers. She’s meticulous, an extremely hard worker, and always has a smile from ear to ear!

Fast forward to today and Grace’s roadside stand is bustling. It’s a place for commuters to stop on their way home from work, for locals to swing by just because, for wholesalers, people getting married, photographers, and more.

Grace started with 80 Dahlia plants, then it became 200, then 500, then 1000. As the business continued to thrive, Grace realized it also provided her with the opportunity to stay home and raise her daughter, Anayah. Moore Blooms has now been a family business for 12 whole years. Today she has over 5,000 plants and 200 varieties. She and Bill plant them all by hand – a true labour of love.


Grace doesn’t operate Moore Blooms like a traditional business – instead, she looks at is as a way to build and connect her community. Grace sells her flowers for very affordable rates as she truly believes in the power of connection that her flowers provide. She offers fair wholesale rates for large orders.

Grace told us that one of the favourite parts about her business is her customers. She got a big grin across her face when she told us about a gentleman who can hardly walk. She said he makes a weekly trip out to buy his wife Dahlia’s just because he loves her (we’re not crying, you’re crying!).


Moore Blooms is located at 6953 Lickman Road. Look for a little roadside stand that says “Fresh Cut Flowers $6” and you’ll know you’re in the right spot!

You can purchase Grace’s Tubers in the spring, and flower from July to mid-October at her roadside stand – they are available from 9am until they are sold out for the day.

Grace also accepts wholesale orders, private tours or photo sessions yes, Dahlia farm is a great photo-op site!). Just email Grace at


We’re doing a giveaway on our social channels to spread the joy! Surprise the one you love with a Dahlia bouquet. We’re choosing 10 winners to give away one bouquet each, to be delivered to a person of their choice within the Abbotsford, Chilliwack, and Agassiz-Harrison regions starting July 29th. Visit the Tourism Chilliwack Facebook Page and follow along for details on how to enter.

We’re also giving away a photoshoot in the Dahlia fields shot by one of our local photographers! You can enter on the Tourism Chilliwack Instagram Page for your chance to win – also going live on July 29th! Follow us and keep an eye out for the giveaway to go live!

Be sure to follow Dahlia Farm on Instagram ( – and as always, tag us in your #ShareChilliwack moments.

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