Parking Responsibly: Set a Good Example For Others

While visiting this gift we call our home, it’s crucial to respect the rules of the road – signage and traffic cones are there to keep you and other folks on the road safe! 

How To Park Responsibly

  1. Park only in designated parking areas
  2. Respect the signage and cones
  3. Do not block the road under any circumstances

Parking responsibly has more of an impact than you may realize. Parking in areas you are not supposed to can lead to emergency vehicles inability to access the location they’re heading to, ending in serious consequences.

Check out this video filmed at Cultus Lake by a local First Responder:

Click on the links below for current & up-to-date parking information:

Long Weekend Parking at Cultus Lake

Parking at Cultus Lake

Up-To-Date Road Closures & Notices

Parking Regulations – City of Chilliwack

Parking Responsibly at Trail Heads & Forestry Roads:

Set a good example for others when you’re out in the backcountry of Chilliwack. While you park at Trail Heads and forestry roads, make sure to follow these simple steps:

  1. Follow all signs and notices. On forestry roads, signs warn drivers of known hazards along the road, and provide special driving instructions. Obey these signs for your own safety and others.
  2. Park only in the designated areas at trail-heads
  3. Do not block the road. Logging trucks take up a lot of room and forest roads are built for their use. It is essential that logging trucks and firefighting equipment be able to use the roads without delay. If you do stop, park well off the road.

Parking responsibly will not only allow you and others around you to stay safe, but it can also save a life. Traffic cones and signs are there for a reason, so please respect the signage, and park only in designated parking areas. Do your part by being responsible and respectful and setting a good example for others, let’s all help to protect this gift and each other.

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