Perk Up Your River Walk With This Adorable Coffee Truck

28 April 2022General

Tucked perfectly near the Vedder River, the Amble Coffee Truck was created to provide an opportunity for its customers to slow down and eliminate the hurry.  The idea behind Amble Coffee is that as you enjoy a cup of coffee or tea you would slow down, taking in the unique nature around you and enjoying the presence of the people you are with.  The moment you walk up to this little truck, you’ll be greeted with smiles, delicious coffee, and nature scenes to soothe the soul.

We met up with Dana, owner of Amble Coffee, at a local favourite spot to ask a few questions. Keep reading to learn how Amble Coffee started, the importance of Amble’s location, Dana’s favourite places in Chilliwack, and everything else in between!

Introduce yourself! Tell us a bit about you

My name is Dana and I am the owner of Amble Coffee. Chilliwack has been my home for most of my life and I am so thankful to have grown up here. I am passionate about coffee, community, and nature. With my family’s support behind me, I created Amble Coffee back in 2019 and can’t believe it has been almost 2.5 years.

Where did the vision of Amble come from?

Amble was born out of a vision to create an opportunity for people to slow down and eliminate the hurry. With a passion for coffee and for nature, a coffee truck seemed like the perfect vessel to bring this vision to life. Life can be busy but it’s important that we stay grounded in nature and each other. The idea is that as you enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, you would slow down, take in the unique nature Chilliwack is surrounded by, and enjoy the presence of the people you are with. Our vision also stems from a love for coffee. I take enjoyment in every step involved in creating a great cup of coffee. Learning the art of espresso forces one to slow down, focus, and fine-tune along the way.

What made you choose the location you are in?

Having grown up in Chilliwack and spending much of my spare time biking or walking along the rotary trail, Vedder Park seemed like a great place to bring the vision of amble to life. This park is a place for community, a place to live out a healthy lifestyle, and a place to build new relationships and rekindle old ones. We couldn’t be more thankful to operate our business here.

Vedder Park seems to be the perfect location for the Amble Coffee Truck. What’s your favorite part about working there?

My favorite part of being at Vedder Park is the people we get to see there each day. We feel so grateful to play a small role in people’s day. Whether you’re on your daily dog walk, or just on your way to work, we love to interact with you each day.

Your truck has history and a story of its own. Can you tell us a bit about its history and how you’ve made it what it is today?

The Grumman truck spent its early years as a potato delivery truck. With a new paint job, plumbing and electrical, and many trips to the hardware store it would soon be ready to serve the drinks we know today. What started as an empty shell, quickly evolved into a coffee shop on wheels. This transformation couldn’t have been done without the help of my family. From designing a custom window to hand-painting the exterior, the truck couldn’t have come together the way that it did without them.

What does Amble mean?

The word amble means to walk or move at a slow, relaxed pace.  We felt this name fit perfectly into our vision.

What is the meaning behind your logo?

As you amble along it opens up the opportunity to slow down and listen to your surroundings-birds being a huge part of that. Birds have also always had a special place in my heart so we wanted to incorporate that into our logo.

What does your coffee truck have to offer? What can people expect when visiting?

First and foremost you can expect good coffee. We proudly serve 49th parallel coffee which is a roastery located in Vancouver. What we love about them is not only the fact that they roast amazing coffee, but that they also highly value their relationships with the farmers. They are focused on quality and sustainability at the farm level and that is very important to us. You can also expect a variety of teas and tea lattes all made from New Moon tea, another local tea company. To pair perfectly with your favorite drink, we also offer baked items from Anita’s Bread and Coffee. We are also happy to provide a discount for anyone who brings their reusable mug.

What is your personal favorite drink/food you sell and why?

I often will switch between a cortado or cappuccino. I love both of these drinks because there is just enough milk that it still lets the espresso be the star of the show.


Coffee or Tea?


Neutral or Neon?


River or Lake?

It’s a tough choice. There’s nothing like relaxing at Cultus lake in the summer, but I also love a good walk along the river.

Waffle Cone or Sugar Cone?

Waffle cones, especially from Banter Ice Cream. (coming to Chilliwack this summer!!)

Can you tell us a bit about your life outside of Amble?

Outside of Amble, I have recently taken up gardening. When I’m not at work you can find me in the greenhouse tending to the seedlings. I also love to spend time outside whether that’s a quick bike ride or a walk by the river with my dog.

What are some of your favorite local spots in Garrison or anywhere in Chilliwack?

There are so many great spots in Chilliwack. Firstly, I love grabbing a pastry from Anita’s Bread and Coffee or a coffee from Smoking Gun. For lunch, you can find me at the Harvest Cafe on Mill Street or The Yellow Deli. Lastly, for dinner, there are so many options. I love Shandhar Hut, Coconut Thai, Farmhouse Brewing, Hugo’s Mexican Kitchen, and I Pho, to name a few.

Where do you find your retreat in Chilliwack?

I love all the beautiful landscapes and outdoor activities that Chilliwack has to offer. I find retreat out in the mountains, by the River, or even in my own backyard, gardening or having campfires with my family.

If you were a destination, where would you be?

Although I have yet to go, I would have to say Italy.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Thank you to Tourism for this opportunity to share our story. Also, a huge thank you to all the Amble customers who support us daily, we appreciate you so much.

Whether you’re coming for the coffee, the atmosphere, or simply a pick-me-up in the park, Amble Coffee has something for you. Take it slow and sip on a delicious locally brewed cup of joe, all while taking in the sights and sounds of Vedder River. It’s the perfect combination… Coffee in nature! Visit them in Vedder Park, at 45450 Petawawa Road, Chilliwack, or online at

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