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We are all looking forward to the longer days of Spring and Summer, however there are great benefits that come with each season! Remembering to find the light during this ‘darker by nature’ time of year is an important way to care for ourselves! We’d like to inspire you to take some time this season to seek the benefits of Winter and the opportunity to focus on your health & wellness and to recognize the value of some self-love.

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The benefits of spending time in nature are well documented. It is undeniable that a short time moving your body while outdoors improves your mood and physical well-being. The call of birds and stirring of wildlife, the rustling sound of a breeze, the inspiring presence of trees and plant life as well as the calming movement of water are all elements of nature that await you when making a visit to one of the many park areas in Chilliwack. Here are a few spots to consider, please download our Park Guide for more options.

Blue Heron Nature Reserve
5200 Sumas Prairie Road

Cheam Lake Wetlands
53480 Elgey Road

Community Forest
51642 Allan Road

Island 22
44955 Cartmell Road

Sardis Park
45897 Lake Drive


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One way to combat the effects of stress is with a visit to a Spa. Taking some time for some pampering, even just for an hour or two is known to help people to de-stress! Not only that, you are likely to experience these benefits as well; better sleep, improved mood, a reduction in headaches and relief of aches and pains. Sounds rather good doesn’t it?!

European Day Spa
202-7592 Vedder Road

The Grove Salon & Spa
9361 Mill Street

Luna Float
101-45645 Tamihi Way

Silhouette Spa & Laser
3-45540 Market Way


Did you know that the sense of smell plays an important role in the effects of mood, stress, and cognitive function? Studies have revealed that various fragrances affect spontaneous brain activities and cognitive functions. Soaps, oils, and other body care products derived from various parts of plants and trees can have a positive affect on many aspects of your health, such as sleep, pain, and immunity. There are a variety of local businesses dedicated to creating or selling a wide range of aromatherapy products. We invite you to speak to one of their experienced team members to learn about how their items may benefit you.

All Things Being Eco
105-7388 Vedder Road

Amethyst Books & Essence
8989 Young Road

PickEco Refills
2-9360 Mill Street

Rustic Soap
42537 South Sumas Road

Sleepy Hollow Gems
2-4125 Columbia Valley Road

Taking care of yourself is an important way to thrive during the drizzly and chilly winter months. These are just a few ideas to help you enjoy the rest of the Winter season, for more information on other activities and businesses please visit us at Tourism Chilliwack.

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