’Tis the Season for Local Love – Chilliwack’s 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

8 December 2023Dining, General, Outdoor Adventure, Shop

Tackling holiday gift shopping can be a challenge, but not for us – we’ve got it all figured out. We know exactly where to shop and who the lucky recipients will be! Here’s a little secret – Chilliwack’s local businesses offer a diverse range of options. We’ve curated a gift guide to celebrate the unique individuals in your life, ensuring they receive thoughtful gifts that truly speak to their hearts. Whether it’s the fishing fanatic, the foodie, the little ones, or someone who reminds you of home, we’re here to assist you in discovering the ideal gifts this season!

Image sourced from Pick Eco Refills via Mack’s Magic Photography.

From One to Another

Consider shopping with sustainability in mind for the holidays! Whether it’s a secondhand gem, handcrafted goods, or eco-friendly products, gifting with a purpose brings fulfillment to both you and the recipient. Choosing a gift with thoughtful consideration is a meaningful & impactful way to bring joy to someone you care about.

The Bookman | 45939 Wellington Avenue

The Book Man is an excellent place to buy pre-owned books! Whether you’re into contemporary reads or timeless classics, every corner in this store exudes charm. As well as used books, they also carry new books, and many literary and gift sidelines:  candles, tea, tarot & oracle decks, crystals & more!

Pick Eco Refills | #100 – 5580 Vedder Road

PickEco is your go-to store with a heart! Committed to eco-friendly values, they bring you zero waste and reusable goodies. Explore their delightful gift choices, from pampering bath & body treats to dry goods and home goodies.

Fraser & Co. Modern Vintage | 9345 Mill Street

This store curates vintage and sustainable home goods & clothing, drawing inspiration from the breathtaking Fraser Valley and the narratives woven in each vintage piece.

Rustic Soap Co. | 42537 South Sumas Road

An assortment of goods such as soap, bath products, lip balms, face masks, candles, pre-packaged gift sets, and more can be found here—a perfect selection for delightful stocking stuffers!

Chilliwax Records | 45895 Wellington Avenue Front

Chilliwax Records, a local favorite, showcases a broad selection of genres and musical tunes spanning decades past! There’s nothing quite like the nostalgic charm of music from another era.

Unika | #6 – 45575 Keith Wilson Road

Discover a chic resale boutique featuring an impressive assortment of women’s clothing, accessories, and more. Treat yourself to a delightful gift during your visit!

Chilliwack River Valley Natural Honey | 43476 Adams Road

Chilliwack River Valley Natural Honey offers a range of products, including honey, bee pollen, propolis, royal jelly, and beeswax candles. With numerous health benefits, your loved ones are sure to experience a newfound richness!

Cast the Line

Shopping for the avid anglers in your life becomes a breeze, especially when you explore the offerings in Chilliwack! From top-notch fishing gear to thrilling outdoor adventures, you’re bound to reel in the perfect catch for your loved ones!

The Chilliwack Shop | 44150 Luckakuck Way

This cozy and stylish hoodie features a graphic of the various fish that can be found in the lakes and rivers around Chilliwack. Made from a premium blend of cotton, polyester, and viscose, this hoodie is soft, comfortable, and perfect for all-day wear. Show off your love for Chilliwack’s natural beauty and fishing culture with this unique and eye-catching design.

Fred’s Custom Tackle | C – 6336 Vedder Road

Fred’s Custom Tackle is your go-to for Fraser Valley fishing. Explore a vast selection of quality products at competitive prices, get up-to-date information on tackle and fishing, and take advantage of fishing classes and charters.

Pacific River Outfitting Company | 45530 Vedder Mountain Road

Explore this one-stop-shop for all the outdoor gear your fishing enthusiast will need! Whether it’s fishing gear, apparel, or camping tools, there’s no shortage of options to choose from for the perfect seasonal gift.

Fishing Adventures in Chilliwack

Share the joy of a shared experience by booking one of these fantastic Guided Fishing Tours in Chilliwack! Bond with your loved one over the shared love of fishing in the picturesque Chilliwack River Valley.

Create Warmth

Have you ever met someone who evokes the same energy as that safe, warm, and cozy nook in your house? They’ve been a constant presence, deserving of the world and more. Offer them a glimpse of the warmth they bring into your life and gift them with a beautiful treat that lights up their heart & home.

Batiqua | 45903 Wellington Avenue

Step into Batiqua, your shop for ethically sourced, handmade gifts globally. Their beautiful textiles grace homes in Canada, the U.S., the U.K., Australia, Germany, South Africa, Tanzania, and Kenya. Join them in spreading their passion for fair trade and home decor worldwide!

Stó:lō Gift Shop | Building 19 – 7201 Vedder Road

Explore this authentic Indigenous Gift Shop nestled in Chilliwack, BC. Whether online or in-store, discover the ideal one-of-a-kind gift for this holiday season.

The Local Space | #101 – 46132 Yale Road

Your go-to for local favourites! Explore bath & body, apparel, and giftware from over 100 local brands—a market that never closes!

Spruce Collective | #103 – Woolly Dog Alley, District 1881

Discover a treasure trove of home goods, kitchenware, bath & body, stationery, and beyond at Spruce Collective. The moment you enter, experience a welcoming atmosphere filled with warmth, comfort, and inspiration for thoughtful gifting.

Little Beetle Bistro | 44489 South Sumas Road

Situated in South Sumas, the Little Beetle Bistro is a charming cafe that boasts a delightful selection, featuring exquisite beverages and flavourful meals. Nestle in here and treat your loved one to a very special sit-down!

The Cottage Boutique | #7 – 45575 Keith Wilson Road

This shop specializes in home & lifestyle, seeking to serve the needs of its customers through thoughtful, curated and beautiful products.

Eco & Luxe Co. |  #102 – 45936 Thunderbird Lane, District 1881

Explore intentional products by women-powered brands, featuring eco-friendly, small-batch, and handmade items. Shop to support causes, connect with conscious women, find gifts, and feel good. Start now!

Breath of Fresh Air

You know them – the ones who greet the day at the crack of dawn, granola in hand, and have a deep knowledge of every sight and sound among the trees. They’re your favourite adventurers, thrilled to share their passion for nature with you! Consider giving them the gift of fresh air with a special outdoor tour, or equip them with some fantastic new gear for their wilderness expeditions.

Foraging With You | 48922 Sheldon Road

Give the gift of a wild food experience with the expert guides at Foraging With You. Safely harvest wild edibles, and join group walks or personalized yard sessions. Learn from our Chef and Foraging Guide, and turn family walks into foraging adventures. Explore cooking classes and live chef dinners with wild, local ingredients.

Amble Coffee | 45450 Petawawa Road

Enjoy a riverside walk and warm up with a delightful beverage from Amble Coffee, a charming spot near the Vedder Trail. Surprise your loved one with a gift card or a cozy coffee date, sharing the joy of drinks, treats, and the crisp fresh air.

Wilde Wellness

In the hustle of life, everyone deserves a moment to unwind. Treat yourself and a loved one to the tranquillity of Wilde Wellness, providing services such as Reiki, Access Bars, Meditation Classes, Hiking, Yoga, Nature-based Fitness, and Retreats.

Mt. Waddingtons | 5643 Vedder Road

Whether you’re shopping for a novice or a seasoned adventurer, Mt. Waddington’s got you covered with the latest gear and expert advice.

For the Littles

Finding gifts for the wee ones in our lives is an absolute delight! In Chilliwack, our small local businesses offer an abundance of imaginative children’s books, charming toys, and cozy apparel. Choose a gift that they’ll fondly reminisce about in the years to come with admiration & nostalgia!

Liten Dal Co. | 46055 Princess Avenue

Liten Dal Co. supplies locals with stylish children’s clothing for all ages, emphasizing their love for the community. Sourced from North American, women-owned companies, their small-batch products prioritize ethical practices and quality materials.

Winks Home + Gift + Baby | 45657 Stevenson Road

Choose from an adorable selection of plush toys and imaginative children’s books at Winks Home + Gift + Baby!

Greendale Acres | 41905 Yale Road West

Experience outdoor magic at Greendale Acres during Spring and Fall and treat someone to a membership! It pays for itself in just two and a half visits. Gift a loved one the enchantment with access to events like the Annual Easter Egg Hunt, the 101 Chilliwack Plowing Match, the Corn Maze, and more. Plus, receive exclusive farm promotions and specials throughout the year!

The Chilliwack Shop | 44150 Luckakuck Way

For the little ones, our kids merch collection offers a range of options including t-shirts, and long sleeves all with a fun design that showcases Chilliwack’s Mt. Slesse, and local sport fish!

The Button Box Boutique | 9369 Mill Street

The Button Box Boutique is a dream shop for all the delightful and essential items that will make the little ones in your life’s world peaceful, comfortable, and full of fun!

Come Let Us Adorn Them

We might be a little biased, but only the best-dressed shop in Chilliwack! Gift your loved ones with a truly iconic look – explore a stylish selection of apparel & accessories to complement their already fantastic wardrobe.

Magnolia & Oak | #104 – 45936 Thunderbird Lane, District 1881

Visit Magnolia & Oak, and choose from a stunning collection of everyday wear, business attire, and unique pieces, all chosen for great quality and fit in a variety of sizes.

Section 35 | #103 – 45925 Thunderbird Lane, District 1881

SECTION 35 is an Indigenous-owned streetwear brand, noteworthy for features in Vogue and Complex, and showcased work at the Metropolitan Museum of New York in 2022. With runway appearances and collaborations, SECTION 35 is making waves in the fashion world. Check out their online shop for clothing, accessories, and much more, or visit their new storefront in District 1881!

Lolly’s Fashion Lounge | 45891 Wellington Avenue

Find your holiday gifts at Lolly’s Fashion Lounge, a stylish and sustainable women’s clothing store. Their carefully curated collection combines trendy designs with ethical practices, offering everything from elegant dresses to versatile accessories. Embrace the latest fashion trends while supporting eco-friendly and socially responsible choices.

Raquel Rosalie Jewelry | #104 – 45939 Thunderbird Lane, District 1881

Explore this exquisite collection of high-quality handmade jewelry—crafted with precision and care. Proudly women-owned and operated, this Canadian brand epitomizes both trendiness and durability. Elevate your loved one’s style with accessories that reflect a commitment to quality craftsmanship and contemporary design.

Hunni’s Chilliwack |  #101 – 9260 Sasquatch Alley, District 1881

Discover a fashionable array at Hunni’s Chilliwack, featuring stylish clothing, chic bags, locally crafted jewelry, enchanting candles, and trendy scrunchies. Uncover the perfect, dreamy gift that befits the stylish individual in your life!

Courtyard Shoes | #105 – 45939 Thunderbird Lane, District 1881

Step into the world of fashion-forward footwear now available in District 1881! Visit Courtyard Shoes and make holiday gifting a blend of comfort and style this season!

Flavour Chasers

Each of us has that special someone in our lives who proudly considers themselves a foodie. Sometimes, the perfect gift for them is a no-brainer – food, of course! Why not impress them with both style & taste by treating them to a one-of-a-kind dining experience in Chilliwack? Gift them with memories that will leave a lasting impression on their taste buds!

Banter Ice Cream | 45530 Vedder Mountain Road

Share the joy of indulgent, locally crafted ice cream! Whether it’s a pint, a gift card, or a delightful ice cream date, sweetness is guaranteed to follow!

Zilla’s Donuts | #102 – 9258 Woolly Dog Alley, District 1881

Donuts are a personal delight, and we’re quite confident Zilla’s Donuts has the one you’re craving. The dough is made from scratch every time, and each donut is hand-cut and decorated with the freshest ingredients. Purchase a gift card or come to your holiday party with a box for all to share!

Old Yale Brewing | #404 – 44550 South Sumas Road

Send your loved ones to Old Yale Brewing’s Christmas pop-up cocktail bar for festive cocktails, kitchsy decor, and the lively atmosphere of the best office party. Purchase a gift card or join in on the fun yourself!

Hugo’s Mexican | 7101 Vedder Road

Savour the essence of Mexico at Hugo’s Mexican Kitchen, where traditional dishes come to life with fresh, high-quality ingredients. The recipient of this gift will experience the authentic flavours in every bite – a true culinary journey awaits.

The Offy Bistro | #101 – 45925 Thunderbird Lane, District 1881

Impress your loved one with a trip to The Offy, a trendy spot specializing in everyday brunch, European dinners, and exceptional cocktails. Join your guest and stay for the memorable late-night vibes!

Frankie’s Italian | 7350 Vedder Road

Experience the allure of Frankie’s Italian Kitchen and Bar in scenic Chilliwack. Indulge in authentic, hand-crafted Italian fare within an elegant, modern setting—perfect for family dinners or romantic dates, ensuring a gift of comfort and joy.

Make sure to include all these amazing spots on your holiday shopping list, and check it twice! For more details on everything happening in Chilliwack, explore our previous blog posts below!

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