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Did we just find the coolest place in the Fraser Valley for live music?

I think we did.

We recently visited Tractorgrease and filled their outdoor concert space with 30 of our very special friends. The air was fresh, the music was lively, and ear to ear smiles were spread across all of our faces the entire time we were there. It was such a special afternoon and one we won’t soon forget. So, why keep this place a secret when there’s so much fun to be had?


Simply put, Tractorgrease is one of the Fraser Valley’s best spots for live music. It’s a place where both musicians and music enthusiasts alike gather together and jam out for live music nights, private events, concerts, and more.

Photo collage of customers at Tractorgrease cafe


Meet Jeff: Founder of Tractorgrease Café. Before we get into his story, can we just all take a moment to admire his unstoppable mane of hair? What’s your secret, Jeff? I guess you will have to come and ask him yourself!

Founder of Tractorgrease cafe smiles for a photo beside the stage

Jeff is originally from Ontario, and moved here in 1993 when his dad’s military job moved their family to Chilliwack.

When he first arrived, he worked at his Uncle’s car lot – and you could often find him taking a 1974 corvette out for a joyride during his lunch break. He loved playing his guitar riverside as it gave him a sense of creativity and connected him to nature in an authentic and meaningful way. Over time, he dug deeper into his passion for music and grew his skills in audio engineering and multimedia design.

In 2001, Jeff planted his Chilliwack roots a little deeper and started a music collective called Tractorgrease. His dream was for it to be a place where like-minded individuals could come together and make music. Artists like Ridley Bent, Bill Bourne, 5440, Mother Mother, and Steve Dawson have all spent time in the Tractorgrease Studio through the years – pretty cool, right?

In 2014, Jeff opened Tractorgrease to the public, and what once was a private recording studio is now a live-music venue boasting local craft beer, wholesome food and endless amounts of musical entertainment.

We asked Jeff to sum up what his long term vision is for Tractorgrease – and his answer was simple: “I want it to be the premiere destination for touring musicians, a comfortable place with great sound and some of the best fans around”. Well, Jeff – we think you’re well on your way to achieving your vision.


At Tractorgrease, music moves through you and flows through your veins. It exudes creativity and offers up continual moments for musicians and guests to be inspired.

It’s a place to drink a beer, put on your dancing shoes and create memories with new found friends. It features cozy indoor and outdoor concert spaces, and is tucked away from the hustle and bustle on the edge of town.

Each and every week there are 3 ticketed shows – they sell out fast, so keep an eye on their website to grab your spot. If you can’t find your way into the private shows, not to worry! They have a Songwriters Unite evening where 4 artists share the stage, stories and songs. This special night is hosted by Jeff and his partner Leah Taylor every Friday night at 7pm.

If you’re a musician, music enthusiast, or are simply looking for a fun night out, Tractorgrease is the place to be.


Plan to have a food, drink and music-infused evening with your friends and family – be sure to bring the kiddos, too!

Tractorgrease has an array of western-style food options that will get your taste buds tingling. Burgers, fries, soups and salads – they have it all. They even name their menu items after some of Chilliwack’s finest outdoor destinations such as the Tamihi Burger and the Lindeman Salad.

If you’re a craft beer lover, they always have a lineup of local options to choose from. If you’d rather wine or spirits, they have a great selection of local and import options.

A showcase of some of the foods that can be enjoyed at Tractorgrease cafe
Customers smiling at Tractorgrease cafe


Visit to learn more – and as always, tag us in your #ShareChilliwack moments.

Curious to see who our next Maker will be? Keep an eye on our Instagram page to find out (hint: what rhymes with rope?).

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