Winter Sips Worth Toasting

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Hip, hip, hooray – Tourism Chilliwack is thrilled to bring some festive sip inspo your way. We’ve done the legwork for you, exploring the town to discover Winter Sips that you and your loved ones can enjoy this holiday season. We love uncovering countless reasons to celebrate in the weeks leading up to Christmas. If you’re one to savour good times, look no further! Join us below as we unveil the spots to include in your Winter Sips Crawl! Our lineup features classics, a refreshing mocktail, and imaginative spins on beloved favourites. Eager to know more? Keep on reading!

Cranberry French 75 | Bow & Stern

46130 Yale Road, District 1881

Indulge in the exquisite Cranberry French 75, a sophisticated libation that harmoniously blends Gordon’s Gin, zesty cranberry and lemon juice, and a touch of simple syrup, all topped off with Prosecco. This mix is a symphony of flavours, delivering an elegant, tart, and fizzy delight that is beautifully garnished with cranberries.

Mexican Spiced Eggnog | Hugo’s Mexican Kitchen

7101 Vedder Road

Meet the Mexican Spiced Eggnog, a decadently creamy cocktail featuring spiced rum, Kahlua, and classic eggnog, topped off with a sprinkle of warm spices. Immerse yourself in the rich and velvety fusion of flavours, making it an ideal choice for this holiday season.

Red Currant Cinnamon Radler | Farmhouse Brewing Co.

6385 Lickman Road

Celebrate the holiday spirit with this Red Currant Cinnamon Radler – a festive Christmas brew intertwining robust cinnamon spice and luscious red currant sweetness. Partake in the season as each sip envelops you in the warmth of spice and delightful fruity undertones. 

Christmaspolitan | Old Yale Brewing Chilliwack

#404 – 44550 South Sumas Road

Savour the allure of the Christmaspolitan at Miracle at Old Yale Brewing Chilliwack – a stylish mix of vodka, elderflower, dry vermouth, spiced cranberry sauce, lime, an absinthe mist, and garnished with a sprig of rosemary. This cocktail radiates sophistication and charm, perfectly embodying festive elegance in every sip. It’s loved by many, including Taylor Swift!

Iced Vanilla Chai | Garrison Bistro

#6 – 45555 Market Way

Enjoy the delicious blend of The Iced Vanilla Chai – a harmonious symphony of creamy textures, comforting cinnamon, aromatic chai spices, and a sweet touch of vanilla. This crafted concoction features vanilla vodka, amaretto, chai concentrate, and a splash of cream (with the option of oat milk,) crowned with a delicate sprinkle of cinnamon and adorned with a cinnamon stick – a truly satisfying and soothing experience with every sip.

Figgy Smalls Mocktail | The Offy Bistro

#101 – 45925 Thunderbird Lane, District 1881

Discover the Figgy Smalls Mocktail, a tantalizing fusion of fig and date syrup, lemon and cranberry juice, garnished with a sprig of rosemary. Taste this perfect balance of sweetness and tartness, creating a fresh and invigorating sensation with every sip. Delight in the unique and flavourful profile of this refreshing mocktail.

Grinchmosa | Bricklayer Brewing

#101 – 46126 Yale Road, District 1881

Experience the joy of the Grinchmosa, a merry concoction that captures the spirit of the season! This delightful blend of Prosecco, orange juice, and blue curaçao promises a playful and bubbly experience with every citrusy sip. Let the festive magic unfold as you raise a glass to a celebration filled with whimsy, just like the heartwarming tale of the Grinch. Your heart is sure to grow three sizes!

Candy Cane Martini | Fortitude Wine Bar

#103 – 45922 Thunderbird Lane, District 1881

Embark on a magical journey down Candy Candy Lane with this Candy Cane Martini. This enchanting elixir blends vanilla vodka, creme de cacao, and peppermint schnapps, weaving a spell of sweet peppermint and chocolate. Adorned with a captivating Christmas shimmer, each sip is a taste of festive enchantment – a magical celebration in a glass.

After Eight Espresso Martini | Frankie’s Italian Kitchen & Bar

7350 Vedder Road

Treat yourself to the allure of the After Eight Espresso Martini, a sumptuous blend featuring Baileys, Kahlua, crème de cacao, crème de menthe, and the bold richness of freshly pulled espresso. Bask in the decadent symphony of creamy, chocolatey, and minty notes, creating a refined and indulgent martini.

Copenhagen Winter Lager | Sidekick Brewing

#106 – 45530 Vedder Mountain Road

The Copenhagen Winter Lager captures the cozy essence of the winter season. Its golden-dark hue presents a smooth caramel sweetness, accompanied by hints of liquorice, cinnamon, and vanilla. A subtle bitterness balances the profile, creating a dry and cozy brew that’s perfect for the colder months.

Christmas Bomb Cocktail | Paliotti’s Italian Kitchen & Bar

Unit 500B – 45850 Yale Road

Indulge in the holiday enchantment of this delightful blend of Advocaat, hazelnut syrup, and rich eggnog. Each sip will transport you to a nostalgic festive memory, evoking the heartwarming flavours of the season. This sweet and delicious concoction is perfect for spreading Christmas cheer and is sure to be a highlight of your holiday celebrations.

We hope our curated selection of delightful beverages has added a touch of warmth to your seasonal celebrations. Whether you opt for a classic choice or something new, here’s to cozy moments, festive cheer, and a season filled with joy! Sip, savour, and celebrate mindfully. Plan for a safe journey home with a designated driver or explore options like Operation Red Nose. Enjoy the festivities responsibly!

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