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24 June 2022General

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Located in the charming town of Yarrow, Lake Bottom Cider offers a relaxed atmosphere that feels like home, delicious house-made ciders with a twist, and a menu that is mouthwatering. We can see why this go-to spot is a favourite among locals and visitors alike.

We met up with Sean, and Dylan, owners of Lake Bottom Cider to learn more about their business. Keep reading to learn how Lake Bottom Cider started, where their name came from, and why they are a bucket list essential this summer! 

Meet Dylan and Sean, owners of Lake Bottom Cider.

Sean is the oldest of 5, while Dylan falls right in the middle. They both grew up on a dairy farm and while Sean has always been involved in farming someway, Dylan always said he wouldn’t be. Now they are both here, growing apples, making cider, and living on a farm. The best of both worlds! 

Along with Sean’s wife Bonnie, they opened up Lake Bottom Cider just over a year ago, in the middle of the pandemic.

TC: Where did the vision for Lake Bottom Cider come from and why Cider?

D & S: Instead of giving us lemons, life gave us apples. Sean and Bonnie moved onto the property in order to start their chicken farm back in 2017. With the property, there was an established but overgrown and neglected orchard, full of blackberry bushes that had been started in the 80s. This farm once ran as U-pick, operated guided-tours, and saw the hustle and bustle of a busy pie shop before being sold a few times and finally landing in the hands of my brother and I. 

The owners of Ripples Winery and New Wave distilling put Sean and Bonnie onto the idea of cleaning up the orchard and starting a cidery. With that in mind, I (Dylan) was brought on as a partner in 2019, and the two years of planning, building, and learning came together in May 2021, when we opened our tasting room to the public. Our vision was to create a place for people to gather in a very casual setting over some drinks and food while getting away from the rush of life.

TC: What is the story behind the name “Lake Bottom” Cider?

D&S: We wanted a name that tied us to our location without being generic. Lake Bottom refers to the fact that most of this area was originally part of the Sumas Lake

TC: Tell us a bit about your logo.

D&S: Our logo is a rough outline of the Vedder mountain that overlooks Yarrow, with it being reflected off a “Lake” in the lower half.

TC: What can people expect when visiting? What led you to Yarrow?

D&S: When you step into our space, we hope you feel as if you are going out into your own backyard, whether it’s with your kids or some friends (two or four-legged). Obviously, we serve cider here but we are constantly trying to serve something you might not expect, pairing flavours that might seem at odds. Cider is actually a centuries-old drink and we feel we bring a new twist to it!

We hope to bring something to the table both cider lovers and those that might be new to cider will love. Being able to start up our food truck has allowed us to continue the experience. 

Whether smoking our own wings and beef for our tacos or putting together a gourmet grilled cheese that adults can love along with their kids, we’ve enjoyed adding our own spin on some classic favourites. 

Sean has lived in Yarrow for the last ten years ever since then has been telling his siblings to move out here. It combines the small-town feeling with the countryside and has a thriving amount of small businesses and the love for local.

TC: Tell us one sustainable practice you are most proud of at Lake Bottom Cider.

We look to include local products and businesses throughout our cider production with what hops we use, bringing in local fruits, and taking advantage of all the farms and suppliers we are lucky enough to be surrounded by in Chilliwack. 

What is your favourite item on the menu and why?

D: Pineapple Express – This cider is the drink of the summer for myself, it’s fruity but the ginger provides a perfect balance that allows you to just sip on it.

S: The fully loaded grilled cheese. If you had to put happiness between two pieces of bread, it would be this, cheese, smoked pork, and onions.

TC: Tell us a bit about your life outside of Lake Bottom Cider.

D: My fiance Eleni, and I have been able to start up our traveling bug again slowly as things re-open, whether it’s camping locally or jumping on a plane we are always looking for our next adventure.

S: I spend my time raising my 3 beautiful kids with my wife and best friend Bonnie and when possible, I enjoy exploring new dirt bike trails in Chilliwack’s great outdoors.


Lake Bottom Cider has partnered with the Fraser Valley Group in hosting a Sun & Soil concert on August 13th! You could win a pair of tickets including food, drinks, and an evening of music this summer

For full details, head on over to our Instagram or click the link HERE to enter!! 


D: Savory

S: Sweet


D: Morning (a learned habit though)

S: A night owl, quiet time to relax


D: Chocolate (with some sort of espresso/coffee flavour)

S: Dark Chocolate


D: Cultus lake in the fall when its quiet to take the dog swimming

S: Up on Vedder mountain, trail riding or walking along the Vedder.

TC: Anything else you’d like to share?

Thank you so much to Tourism Chilliwack for helping to promote small businesses. 

To all those looking to support some less well-known businesses, check out your local Farmers’ markets where many of them get their start (Yarrow Farmers Market was our first step into that).

Whether you’re coming to try their cider, food, or just enjoy the atmosphere, you’ll feel right at home at Lake Bottom Cider. Stay for their live music every Thursday evening this summer, or enjoy the lawn games with friends while sippin’ on some delicious cider!

Stop by for a visit, and say hi to Dylan or Sean at 4490 Boundary Road or check them out online at

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